Author Jacqué Stoddard
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In Vision: The Path To Danger, Helen  Staples finds herself involved in a dangerous case after visions of murder demand her involvement.
As word gets out to the media, the serial killer turns his attention to the woman who is helping the police track him down.
The publicity turns Helen into the killer's prime target. Detecive Martin Hamlin puts his life on the line to protect Helen as the killing spree and the threats against the woman he loves, continue.
Jacqué Stoddard's second novel,     Blinding Deception, begins with a horrible human trafficking case. The case arrives at her door, just as Helen Staples is trying to focus on her private life, which now includes the soon to be retired harbor-master, Quincy Hart.
When Harry Smith enlists Helen's help to find his missing neice, neither of them realize the scope of the international operation they're about to tangle with.
While searching for the young secretary, Helen meets a mysterious businessman who want to posess Helen and her psychic gifts.

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The Eagle's Claw
  Once a decision is made there is no looking back. Millions clung to their love of a free country as their lives were fundamentally transformed. The economic crisis, socialist policies and twelve years of total government control brought despair to millions of Americans.
   Letter carrier Josie Catrite is grateful to still have a home and a job, but she can't escape the despair of others. When she learns of her brother's involvement in the movement to free America and return it to the roots of the Constitution, Josie is forced to make a choice.
  The road she travels takes her into a world and position that she could never foresee.
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