The Endangered Eagle

The Endangered Eagle

Time to do our job.

by Jacque' Stoddard on 05/02/20

We've gotten lazy, folks. It's time for us to do our jobs, as parents and grandparents. We've always been the front line of our children's education. We're the first teachers.
Our kids are experiencing a historic time, yet many are unaware, that much of what is happening is unconstitutional. Many young people don't know what our fundamental rights as American citizens are. Educators have deemed our history, not only unnecessary, but adverse to their socialist agenda. We remained silent as they weened our schools of, not only world history, but American history. They've substituted the most important subjects with a sprinkle of it in English lit. on some historic themes or something.
Because of these dramatic and harmful changes, the future leaders of our country, America's youth, believe that this governor, or that mayor, have the power to dictate every aspect of our lives. After all, many across this country are doing just that.
For instance, the Governor of Michigan forbid the sale of seeds and gardening supplies during this pandemic. Many Americans depend on and enjoy growing their own food. When the Governor of one state was questioned as to whether his limits on citizen were allowed under the Constitution, his answer was a jaw dropper. He responded by saying that he hadn't even considered our rights when drawing up his dictates.
We understood the need to stop the spread when the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus hit. The world was being lied to by the Communist officials, as the virus spread around the globe. Our federal government acted quickly in an attempt to save lives. They set out guidelines to assist and educate citizens and local and state governments.
We've now witnessed the Governors, in many states and Mayors, in some cities, who saw the pandemic as an opportunity to push the residents to their limits. The perceived increased power and hunger to control, was too much of a temptation, for some in office.
I'm proud to see that so many in this great Republic, recognize their unlawful actions. The Constitution is our ultimate protection, if we stand up and protect it, understand and teach it. It's heartening to see the many protests popping up around the country. We're an intelligent people, by and large. We understand the dangers, at the same time that we know that our rights are not dependent on the dictates of power hungry Governors or Mayors.
I'm hoping people will take the opportunity while we're in quarantine, to explain the situation to their young ones. Learning about the peaceful protests will show them the other side of this historic situation. It's something they need to understand.

Fighting Fire with Fire

by Jacque' Stoddard on 02/28/20

   Down in South Carolina, some Republicans are shining a light on the unfair voting rules of open primaries, by fighting fire with fire. South Carolina is one of the states where the primaries are open. What this means is that anyone, Democrat, Republican and Non-declared, can vote in either primary. That's the fire that normally the Democrats quietly use to boot out any conservatives from the running and push their RINO candidates.
   Open primaries are the Democrats way of keeping control of both parties. This can be seen in states like Massachusetts where RINOs are rocketed to the top of the ticket by Democrats, wiping away any chance for change. The Democrats use this tactic to push global socialists, with an (R) after their name, time and time again.
   Operation Chaos 2020 is a brilliant stroke by some Republicans in South Carolina which has, by its openness, shed light on the Democrats' operation and how, for decades, they've used open primaries to their benefit. This election cycle is the perfect opportunity because there is no Republican Presidential Primary opposition in South Carolina as the only candidate is President Donald J. Trump. 
  Operations Chaos 2020 is launching an effort to have Republicans vote in the Democrat primary to push South Carolina democrats' worst nightmare to the win. In 2020 that is Bernie Sanders. This would leave the state with a stark contrast in November. Vote for the cheese on the mousetrap, in the way of an empty promise of free stuff, or vote for freedom.
   Socialism is still viewed by most in America, as an ugly cancer that spreads poverty, starvation and slavery to government. The harsh realities of socialism and communism are not papered over in the more conservative states. There is a large population of veterans and service members in South Carolina. These veterans understand that most of the wars fought by U.S. in the last hundred years, have been fought to limit the spread of communism or fascism, both of which are preceded by the foothold of socialism, the ideology of envy.
   Operation Chaos 2020 is a brilliant example of fighting fire with fire. Success or failure, Operation Chaos 2020 has managed to put a light on the unfair, normally one sided, open primary program.

Dems own the stench of Antifa

by Jacque' Stoddard on 08/30/17

     The far left faction of the Democrat party known as Antifa is rubbing the stench of fascism all over their benefactors. It's a story that keeps repeating itself. The Democrats start these groups like Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and now the violent fascists Antifa and let them loose on good decent communities to do their dirty work.
     BLM groups march and yell 'What do we want? Dead Cops. When do we want them? Now.' Democrats ignore the chants and continue to support them. The fascist group Antifa beats Trump supporters and those who support our Constitutional rights and Democrats look the other way.
     It's time for the Democrats to clean up this mess before it swallows them. The party leaders feel empowered by the mainstream media covering for them as Antifa cracks heads, attacks the elderly, and destroys public property on their behalf.
     What they don't seem to understand is that the stink from these groups is all over the Democrat Party. What short memories they have. They could have learned from their support of Occupy Wall Street. The media covered for them with that anti-American group also. It wasn't until the rampant sexual assaults, public defecations, violent acts and robberies started making the nightly news that the progressive/socialists groups turned away. The stink was too strong and it was all over the backers and supporters.
     When Democrats refuse to speak out against the violence they own it.
     It's time for Democrats to stand up and speak out against these hate filled groups and put pressure on the party heads and affiliates to stop funding them. If the ordinary members of the party don't speak up, they will be drenched in the stench of Antifa and be properly ostracized.

Let's Not Go Back

by Jacque' Stoddard on 11/02/16

  With just six days until the most important election in decades, it struck me as odd that Mrs. Clinton would bring up the past. She said in a recent speech, we don't want to go back we want to go forward. Was she making a case for a President Donald Trump? It's a might confusing for some voters as going back is a repeat of all the scandals that plagued the Bill Clinton administration. From Whitewater, to Vince Foster, to the attack on the Cole, to renting out the Lincoln bedroom to the highest donor, to Monica and the long list of women claiming sexual assault and rape, it's truly a long list.
  Or perhaps Mrs. Clinton was talking about more recent history such as her time as Secretary of State and the scandals that ensued and lives lost. This encompasses the deadly Fast and Furious Program, the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, the sale of a large portion of our uranium to Russia, illegally arming Libyan and Syrian rebels, using a private server thereby putting national security at risk, destabilizing the middle east, again a long list of scandals and failed policies.
  Mrs. Clinton says move forward and on this one I have to agree. Let's move forward on the investigations into the email scandal and Clinton Foundation pay to play allegations.
  Let's move forward with a renewed vision of our rights, laws and freedoms. Let's move forward and knock the global socialist dark dreams of control, from healthcare to education, to attacks on freedom of speech back into the dark days of the past where they belong. Let's move forward by shaking off the horrible open border plan that is sucking the life out of our economy on every level due to benefits and accommodations given to illegal aliens over U.S. citizens.
  Let's move forward by ending federal control of education by stomping out Common Core. Let's move forward by ending the unaffordable federal takeover of our healthcare, known as Obamacare. Let's move forward and allow citizens to purchase health insurance across state lines, ending the monopolies and pay to play between state officials and their big insurance donors. Let's move forward by keeping cursive and full courses of American history in our schools so that future generations can read our founding documents without translation and know in their hearts the proud heritage and traditions that make America great.
So let's listen to Mrs. Clinton and move forward to reclaim our country from the elite corrupt socialist swamp that has doubled our national debt, created economic stagnation and caused havoc around the globe.
  Let's move forward and focus on our veterans and military and peace through strength that's made our country great. Let's teach our children once again to proudly salute our flag and follow our Founders commitment to the God given rights of individual freedom they prized above all else.
  Let's not go back. Let's move forward and leave Mrs. Hillary Clinton in the shaded past where she and her ilk belong.

Fast and Furious: The Forgotten Deadly Deal

by Jacque' Stoddard on 10/17/16

  How is it that Hillary Clinton has been given a pass on the most deadly deal of her tenure as Secretary of State? The Fast and Furious plan concocted by the Obama administration is a plan that keeps on giving. Under Fast and Furious the Obama administration sold thousands of weapons to drug cartel straw buyers in order to attack the Second Amendment by blaming America's rights for the hundreds of deaths sure to be found connected to their weapons.

  Among the many lives lost because of Obama's deadly gun running scheme was Border Agent Brian Terry. And yet, Hillary Clinton has not been asked about her role in the Fast and Furious plan during her campaign to become president. How can this be? What about all of the dead and injured because of a plan that clearly crossed borders? Secretary Clinton surely played a role. What deals were made with Mexico? Where are those emails? Are we to believe that Hillary Clinton had no knowledge or dealings concerning Fast and Furious, before, during and after the plan was put in place?
  Let us not forget the fact that Obama, Clinton and Holder all made trips to Mexico in the first few months of the Obama administration and openly blamed our Second Amendment rights for the violence in Mexico. The problem they faced was that there were no facts to back up their outrageous claims. Therefore, they crafted Fast and Furious in order to put thousands of American weapons in the hands of murderous drug cartels. Because of this plan hundreds of men, women and children have been killed with the weapons the Obama administration provided the murderers on both sides of the border. Lest we forget, the killing continues.
  If I could ask Mrs. Clinton one question in the next debate it would be, what was her role in the forgotten deadly deal known as Fast and Furious.