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AMADD- It's Spreading Like Fire Across USA

by Jacque' Stoddard on 10/08/14

AMADD stands for American Mothers Against Dumbing Down. 

Parents across the nation are taking to street corners with signs against the dumbing down of a generation via the federal takeover of education known as Common Core. 
Many parents are stunned that a two minute math problem is turned into a half hour of class time. They object to a simple problem such as 2+2=4 being turned into, 2+2=4 can be solved by rounding the 2's up to 10's and then returning 2's by subtracting 8 and round and round we go until a small problem is turned into an entire worksheet that means nothing, solves nothing and teaches nothing. They object to Common Core books instructing students in the 4th grade on sexual positions and techniques paired with graphic depictions by teachers with sex aids in hand. They object to books depicting the United States as a country of racists, and the list goes on.
At the top of the list of parents objections is the wasted education hours of their children. Many parents are sad to see that teachers and school administrators have gone from champions of children's education and successful futures, to shills for the federal government.
Some parents defend the new system pointing out the stars behind Common Core, yet they don't look under the curtain to see that those elitists promoting and profiting from Common Core send their children to expensive private schools who still use the tried and true education system.
American children are being robbed every day that Common Core exists and the teachers and administrations are accomplices in the crime. American mothers against dumbing down are spreading the word and demanding that the attack on their children's rights to a good education be stopped by removing Common Core from every school in the nation.

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