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Dems own the stench of Antifa

by Jacque' Stoddard on 08/30/17

     The far left faction of the Democrat party known as Antifa is rubbing the stench of fascism all over their benefactors. It's a story that keeps repeating itself. The Democrats start these groups like Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and now the violent fascists Antifa and let them loose on good decent communities to do their dirty work.
     BLM groups march and yell 'What do we want? Dead Cops. When do we want them? Now.' Democrats ignore the chants and continue to support them. The fascist group Antifa beats Trump supporters and those who support our Constitutional rights and Democrats look the other way.
     It's time for the Democrats to clean up this mess before it swallows them. The party leaders feel empowered by the mainstream media covering for them as Antifa cracks heads, attacks the elderly, and destroys public property on their behalf.
     What they don't seem to understand is that the stink from these groups is all over the Democrat Party. What short memories they have. They could have learned from their support of Occupy Wall Street. The media covered for them with that anti-American group also. It wasn't until the rampant sexual assaults, public defecations, violent acts and robberies started making the nightly news that the progressive/socialists groups turned away. The stink was too strong and it was all over the backers and supporters.
     When Democrats refuse to speak out against the violence they own it.
     It's time for Democrats to stand up and speak out against these hate filled groups and put pressure on the party heads and affiliates to stop funding them. If the ordinary members of the party don't speak up, they will be drenched in the stench of Antifa and be properly ostracized.

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