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Fast and Furious: The Forgotten Deadly Deal

by Jacque' Stoddard on 10/17/16

  How is it that Hillary Clinton has been given a pass on the most deadly deal of her tenure as Secretary of State? The Fast and Furious plan concocted by the Obama administration is a plan that keeps on giving. Under Fast and Furious the Obama administration sold thousands of weapons to drug cartel straw buyers in order to attack the Second Amendment by blaming America's rights for the hundreds of deaths sure to be found connected to their weapons.

  Among the many lives lost because of Obama's deadly gun running scheme was Border Agent Brian Terry. And yet, Hillary Clinton has not been asked about her role in the Fast and Furious plan during her campaign to become president. How can this be? What about all of the dead and injured because of a plan that clearly crossed borders? Secretary Clinton surely played a role. What deals were made with Mexico? Where are those emails? Are we to believe that Hillary Clinton had no knowledge or dealings concerning Fast and Furious, before, during and after the plan was put in place?
  Let us not forget the fact that Obama, Clinton and Holder all made trips to Mexico in the first few months of the Obama administration and openly blamed our Second Amendment rights for the violence in Mexico. The problem they faced was that there were no facts to back up their outrageous claims. Therefore, they crafted Fast and Furious in order to put thousands of American weapons in the hands of murderous drug cartels. Because of this plan hundreds of men, women and children have been killed with the weapons the Obama administration provided the murderers on both sides of the border. Lest we forget, the killing continues.
  If I could ask Mrs. Clinton one question in the next debate it would be, what was her role in the forgotten deadly deal known as Fast and Furious. 

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