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Fighting Fire with Fire

by Jacque' Stoddard on 02/28/20

   Down in South Carolina, some Republicans are shining a light on the unfair voting rules of open primaries, by fighting fire with fire. South Carolina is one of the states where the primaries are open. What this means is that anyone, Democrat, Republican and Non-declared, can vote in either primary. That's the fire that normally the Democrats quietly use to boot out any conservatives from the running and push their RINO candidates.
   Open primaries are the Democrats way of keeping control of both parties. This can be seen in states like Massachusetts where RINOs are rocketed to the top of the ticket by Democrats, wiping away any chance for change. The Democrats use this tactic to push global socialists, with an (R) after their name, time and time again.
   Operation Chaos 2020 is a brilliant stroke by some Republicans in South Carolina which has, by its openness, shed light on the Democrats' operation and how, for decades, they've used open primaries to their benefit. This election cycle is the perfect opportunity because there is no Republican Presidential Primary opposition in South Carolina as the only candidate is President Donald J. Trump. 
  Operations Chaos 2020 is launching an effort to have Republicans vote in the Democrat primary to push South Carolina democrats' worst nightmare to the win. In 2020 that is Bernie Sanders. This would leave the state with a stark contrast in November. Vote for the cheese on the mousetrap, in the way of an empty promise of free stuff, or vote for freedom.
   Socialism is still viewed by most in America, as an ugly cancer that spreads poverty, starvation and slavery to government. The harsh realities of socialism and communism are not papered over in the more conservative states. There is a large population of veterans and service members in South Carolina. These veterans understand that most of the wars fought by U.S. in the last hundred years, have been fought to limit the spread of communism or fascism, both of which are preceded by the foothold of socialism, the ideology of envy.
   Operation Chaos 2020 is a brilliant example of fighting fire with fire. Success or failure, Operation Chaos 2020 has managed to put a light on the unfair, normally one sided, open primary program.

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