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Let's Not Go Back

by Jacque' Stoddard on 11/02/16

  With just six days until the most important election in decades, it struck me as odd that Mrs. Clinton would bring up the past. She said in a recent speech, we don't want to go back we want to go forward. Was she making a case for a President Donald Trump? It's a might confusing for some voters as going back is a repeat of all the scandals that plagued the Bill Clinton administration. From Whitewater, to Vince Foster, to the attack on the Cole, to renting out the Lincoln bedroom to the highest donor, to Monica and the long list of women claiming sexual assault and rape, it's truly a long list.
  Or perhaps Mrs. Clinton was talking about more recent history such as her time as Secretary of State and the scandals that ensued and lives lost. This encompasses the deadly Fast and Furious Program, the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, the sale of a large portion of our uranium to Russia, illegally arming Libyan and Syrian rebels, using a private server thereby putting national security at risk, destabilizing the middle east, again a long list of scandals and failed policies.
  Mrs. Clinton says move forward and on this one I have to agree. Let's move forward on the investigations into the email scandal and Clinton Foundation pay to play allegations.
  Let's move forward with a renewed vision of our rights, laws and freedoms. Let's move forward and knock the global socialist dark dreams of control, from healthcare to education, to attacks on freedom of speech back into the dark days of the past where they belong. Let's move forward by shaking off the horrible open border plan that is sucking the life out of our economy on every level due to benefits and accommodations given to illegal aliens over U.S. citizens.
  Let's move forward by ending federal control of education by stomping out Common Core. Let's move forward by ending the unaffordable federal takeover of our healthcare, known as Obamacare. Let's move forward and allow citizens to purchase health insurance across state lines, ending the monopolies and pay to play between state officials and their big insurance donors. Let's move forward by keeping cursive and full courses of American history in our schools so that future generations can read our founding documents without translation and know in their hearts the proud heritage and traditions that make America great.
So let's listen to Mrs. Clinton and move forward to reclaim our country from the elite corrupt socialist swamp that has doubled our national debt, created economic stagnation and caused havoc around the globe.
  Let's move forward and focus on our veterans and military and peace through strength that's made our country great. Let's teach our children once again to proudly salute our flag and follow our Founders commitment to the God given rights of individual freedom they prized above all else.
  Let's not go back. Let's move forward and leave Mrs. Hillary Clinton in the shaded past where she and her ilk belong.

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