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The Fat Rats are Jumping Ship

by Jacque' Stoddard on 10/09/16

I was wearing my fake shocked face when I saw so many of the Republican elite who were against Donald Trump to begin with using an eleven year old tape to jump ship.
I wasn't happy to hear this locker room talk, no not happy at all. However to compare what Donald Trump said to what Bill Clinton actually did is rediculous. Where was the outrage on the part of the main stream media over the lies Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary told when the truth about his deplorable actions came to light?
It's time to pay attention to the actual policies that the two candidates will implement.
In newly released e-mails, Hillary Clinton plans to make Obama's illegal actions on immigration pale in comparison. Why does this matter? Mrs. Clinton wants open borders and open commerce. She also wants the Americas to become one government, much like the European Union, wading deeper toward the ultimate goal of a one world government.
On the other hand, Donald Trump wants to secure our border, deport criminal illegal aliens and those who have overstayed on expired visas. Donald Trump wants to rebuild America's workforce with good paying jobs and revitalize our economy. His plans are pro-America, her plans are pro-global socialism.
Hillary Clinton is for the federal takeover of education also known as Common Core and Donald Trump is for school choice and returning control of education back to the states and most importantly the local municipalities which includes parents of students who vote for their local  school boards.
The democrats under the Obama administration have doubled our national debt in less than eight years. We can't afford four more years of reckless spending and expanded debt. We cannot afford to continue to have .the lowest workforce participation since the late 1940's.
When the elites in both parties are against the nominee that the citizens have chosen, it tells you that real, positive, anti-globalist change can be achieved with the election of the Republican nominee as President.
Also in leaked e-mails are Hillary Clinton's plans to do away with our Second Amendment rights by executive action. Socialists always focus on disarming the population before they implement their hardline policies, and for good reason.
Donald Trump has been endorsed by the NRA because he supports the Second Amendment.
There is one thing you can be sure of, as much as Hillary Clinton is a admitted chameleon, what you see is what you get with Donald Trump.
If the fat rats jumping ship will not support Donald Trump and his efforts to make America great again, they are quite clearly on the side of Hillary Clinton and her global socialist ideas.

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1. Kathleen Mastera said on 10/10/16 - 09:08AM
When I heard and viewed the recording of Mr.Trump's comments about women, clearly, it was quite shocking and nasty. I then thought about how through my years I have been witness to similar unwanted comments. Yes, Mr. Trump is running for the presidency of our country. Precisely for that reason, I had to look beyond his words, accept his remorse of having said what he said eleven years prior, and then ask myself if I wanted another four years with the Democrats. Watching the actions of those in power for the last almost eight years, it became clear that in no way would I vote for Mrs. Clinton. In my opinion, Mr. Trump's promise of building up our military is crutial, especially in these times of such horrific brutality towards the lives of so many innocent people. It's like a nightmare....only it isn't! Ugnfortunately, it has become a reality.

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