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Time to do our job.

by Jacque' Stoddard on 05/02/20

We've gotten lazy, folks. It's time for us to do our jobs, as parents and grandparents. We've always been the front line of our children's education. We're the first teachers.
Our kids are experiencing a historic time, yet many are unaware, that much of what is happening is unconstitutional. Many young people don't know what our fundamental rights as American citizens are. Educators have deemed our history, not only unnecessary, but adverse to their socialist agenda. We remained silent as they weened our schools of, not only world history, but American history. They've substituted the most important subjects with a sprinkle of it in English lit. on some historic themes or something.
Because of these dramatic and harmful changes, the future leaders of our country, America's youth, believe that this governor, or that mayor, have the power to dictate every aspect of our lives. After all, many across this country are doing just that.
For instance, the Governor of Michigan forbid the sale of seeds and gardening supplies during this pandemic. Many Americans depend on and enjoy growing their own food. When the Governor of one state was questioned as to whether his limits on citizen were allowed under the Constitution, his answer was a jaw dropper. He responded by saying that he hadn't even considered our rights when drawing up his dictates.
We understood the need to stop the spread when the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus hit. The world was being lied to by the Communist officials, as the virus spread around the globe. Our federal government acted quickly in an attempt to save lives. They set out guidelines to assist and educate citizens and local and state governments.
We've now witnessed the Governors, in many states and Mayors, in some cities, who saw the pandemic as an opportunity to push the residents to their limits. The perceived increased power and hunger to control, was too much of a temptation, for some in office.
I'm proud to see that so many in this great Republic, recognize their unlawful actions. The Constitution is our ultimate protection, if we stand up and protect it, understand and teach it. It's heartening to see the many protests popping up around the country. We're an intelligent people, by and large. We understand the dangers, at the same time that we know that our rights are not dependent on the dictates of power hungry Governors or Mayors.
I'm hoping people will take the opportunity while we're in quarantine, to explain the situation to their young ones. Learning about the peaceful protests will show them the other side of this historic situation. It's something they need to understand.

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