The Endangered Eagle

The Endangered Eagle

AMADD- It's Spreading Like Fire Across USA

by Jacque' Stoddard on 10/08/14

AMADD stands for American Mothers Against Dumbing Down. 

Parents across the nation are taking to street corners with signs against the dumbing down of a generation via the federal takeover of education known as Common Core. 
Many parents are stunned that a two minute math problem is turned into a half hour of class time. They object to a simple problem such as 2+2=4 being turned into, 2+2=4 can be solved by rounding the 2's up to 10's and then returning 2's by subtracting 8 and round and round we go until a small problem is turned into an entire worksheet that means nothing, solves nothing and teaches nothing. They object to Common Core books instructing students in the 4th grade on sexual positions and techniques paired with graphic depictions by teachers with sex aids in hand. They object to books depicting the United States as a country of racists, and the list goes on.
At the top of the list of parents objections is the wasted education hours of their children. Many parents are sad to see that teachers and school administrators have gone from champions of children's education and successful futures, to shills for the federal government.
Some parents defend the new system pointing out the stars behind Common Core, yet they don't look under the curtain to see that those elitists promoting and profiting from Common Core send their children to expensive private schools who still use the tried and true education system.
American children are being robbed every day that Common Core exists and the teachers and administrations are accomplices in the crime. American mothers against dumbing down are spreading the word and demanding that the attack on their children's rights to a good education be stopped by removing Common Core from every school in the nation.

Don't Impeach, Block

by Jacque' Stoddard on 07/18/14

The thought of impeachment is on many minds. Congress should focus on blocking and going around this president using our laws to our advantage. Having Obama removed from office would give the left a fall guy. Our country needs to face the damage done to our great Republic not just from a figurehead, but from the progressives as a group and ideology. If Congress continues doing its job aggressively, we'll breathe easier as we endure the final two years of the most hostile administration in the history of the United States of America.

No one will have a doubt about the damage done by the ever failing anti-American socialist's dream by the time he fulfills his term. If he does not finish his term the progressives will whine from now to the end of time that they could have proven they were right if he hadn't been removed. We don't want a new captain. We want a new captain and crew. A captain and crew who stand straighter when they see the flag of the United States of America. A captain and crew who understand that public service means serving the people, not subjugating them. Half measures won't do at this time in our history. Too much has been frayed. Too many laws have been ignored.
The House of Representatives holds the purse strings. It is time to pull them tight until the reins are passed to an administration who will put the interests of the American people and the Republic above all else. Many in the House and Senate are working overtime to investigate crimes committed by this administration, but as we've seen with the lack of prosecutions in the Fast and Furious gun running scheme, it's hard to make progress in this climate of tyranny. Yet, they do work on to unearth and expose the truth. They are as passionate about our rights, freedoms and traditions as the majority of Americans are. They should be thanked for their work and encouraged to stay on track through the long slog that will be the rest of this administration's term.
From ordinary hard working citizens to high ranking members in every agency and aspect of our government, we must stand together and do all that we can to enforce our laws and protect our freedoms and traditions. It is not only our right, but our responsibility to use the Constitution to our advantage.
The calls to impeach are valid. The feeling of urgency to put an end to the pounding of our rights is understandable, yet it would be a distraction from all of the many dramatic challenges facing our country at this time. Blocking the further expansion of the administration's policies and practices would benefit the country, now and in the future. The socialists/progressives have made this bed, let's let them all lay in it. 

The Time Is Now To Make D.C. Listen

by Jacque' Stoddard on 06/05/14

The time has come for Americans to raise their voices. The government works for us. No employer would tolerate the litany of major harmful actions to their company by their employees. For too long Congress has allowed themselves to believe all is well because they watch and read their own propaganda machine, the main stream media. The progressives attack the person objecting to their harmful votes and inaction on important legislation that could help U.S. citizens. Raising our voices and saying we've had enough will make a huge impact in an election year.

In spite of the lapdog media, the truth is being told every day across this land by 'we the people'. We will not cave in and surrender our great Republic to the tried and failed socialist policies this administration is attempting to force on us. We are, by law, entitled to our truly American freedoms and rights.
Presidents and their cohorts come and go. Our Constitution is the ever present protector of our land so long as the people demand it. Freedom is our birthright. It can't be traded and it can't be taken by force unless our employees in Congress allow it. 
The time is now for the American people to reach out to all of their representative and bend their ears with your displeasure in their performance. There have been many scandals under this administration, but most importantly, there have been many laws broken and many deaths resulted from their actions. The administrations latest breach of truth with the American people he was sworn to protect and defend, has made the administration intolerable.
We have no king. We have a congress and a president and it is time for Congress to do the job it was elected to do. They need to understand that we won't take their inaction another hour.
It's time America. Take a minute and post something on their page or pick up the phone and call their office. Let them know we are done waiting. The longer this administration goes unrestrained, the more damage is done. 

Common Core meets Obamacare

by Jacque' Stoddard on 04/14/14

Race to the top, they proclaimed. Affordable healthcare for everyone, they repeated. When selling both, they left out the punishment aspects. They left out the loss of privacy aspects as well.

We now have hospitals sponsoring new and intrusive surveys which are being administered to school children. Oh make no mistake, hospitals have partnered with schools for years when it came to Health classes. Often surveys were given to students in Health classes to ascertain the students knowledge of such matters as disease prevention, pregnancy prevention and drug abuse. 
Now such questions are a far cry from those on the survey since Common Core took the nation's education by the throat. The surveys sponsored by hospital groups and administered without parental consent by the schools include questions about time spent in religious instruction, do they want to promote equality, how much time they spend with the friends, questions about their neighbors and much more. Somehow these intrusive questions are considered important by the hospitals, but one must ask themselves why is it considered important by the school administrators?
In the same way that the implementation of Obamacare has been an admitted disaster, Common Core is no better. There are consequences if you don't enroll in Obamacare and consequences if you do not comply with everything in the Common Core dictates. 
Common Core was not ready for prime time so they are testing tests on students. The tests referred to as PARCC are being administered across the country. The tests do not count for any grade and are only given to 'selected' students. The tests are as confused and confusing as Common Core itself. Many parents are seeking to protect their children from the stress of taking the tests and notifying the school that they do not want their child to participate. What these parents are learning is that the school systems are no longer about the well being of the child, they are about the well being of President Obama's federal takeover of education known as Common Core. There are punishments being delivered to students with disobedient parents. There have been headlines in the news of not only students, but parents who spread the word about the testing being suspended from school. Rigid punishments are being implemented from small towns to large cities including one designed to humiliate students and cation parents called the 'Sit and Stare' policy. Rather than abide by the parent's wishes and take their child's name off of the testing list, the students are forced into the testing room where they must 'Sit and Stare' while the students with cooperative parents take the federal education test. The lesson in this is clear, quietly obey or your child will pay. It makes a person wonder what future surveys, tests and punishments are headed the student's way.
As more people become aware of the details of the federal takeover of healthcare known as Obamacare with all of its penalties and costs, they are seeing an equal disaster, with high costs to children, in the federal takeover of education known as Common Core.  

We Are Blessed By Their Blindness

by Jacque' Stoddard on 03/10/14

As America opens its eyes with the help of patriots who are standing up and speaking out in bold, free ways, the left stays blinded by its leaders and their arrogance. The house is on fire and burning around them, yet their leaders say all is well, the flames will be out soon. We the people are the flames, we will not be extinguished. When one of us falls, a thousand will stand in their place. We are the flames of patriotism that the elites in power are blinded to. They can't see our love of this Republic.Our American heritage cannot be erased by their foolish apologies around the globe or their efforts to make our future less sterling than our past.

We as a nation are blessed that the main stream media, which has become a propaganda puppet for the socialist dream, don't realize our intellect and determination to search for the truth. Sure Americans were lazy for a little while. They turned on the television to be spoon fed the lines and spin, they also opened the morning paper and read with innocence the slanted print. We are awake now and they are blind to the fact that we search out the news for ourselves. We notice the absence of some of the most important stories of our time.
A recent example of their blindess to We the People who hold dear our founding documents, rights and freedoms came in the biggest assault on our First Amendment to the Constitution in close to one hundred years. It was a story about a plan so huge that it could have shredded our right to a free press, yet the main stream media and the local papers, ignored the story and the brave man who broke it. With his actions, he screamed to the heavens, put himself and his career at risk and single handedly outed the sinister plan. That man is FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai. Ajit Pai wrote an op ed that outlined the plan to have questionnaires and indeed monitors in newsrooms across the country.
FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai's face should have been plastered across the front page of every newspaper in the country, yet the media is so blind that they thought if they didn't tell us about this hero, maybe we wouldn't find out. Ajit Pai was asked why he warned America. His answer was simple. The plan was in direct violation to the First Amendment of the Constitution. It should be noted that Ajit Pai is one of just a handful of FCC Commissioners, yet he was the only one to speak out.
As the flames of liberty lick at the designer shoes of those who seek to extinquish it, we are truly blessed by the arrogance and blindness of the elites. The don't even see us coming.